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Download from MediaFire - NEW SYSTEM

Download from MegaUpload - NEW SYSTEM

Problems with the system, uploading new system.
As you all noticed, had some problems with network past few days, managed to solve most of them but still having issues with forum. Download the new patch, updated on 29.10.2015


Vote all topsites in and write .getreward ingame.

Thank you for playing L2Gang.


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Server Online since : 04.04.2010

Read Carefully :

  1. You are responsable for your account and items.
  2. Adena drops only in farm zones.
  3. You cannot drop Karma with 1 Mob.
  4. Enchanting is a PAIN. Dont complain.
  5. Raid Boss SPAWN is fixed to 1 week. 3h more or less.
  6. Freight does not exist, use ingame MAIL system.
  7. Enchant skills from skill window. ALT+K
  8. Every week new heroes, 3 hours/day olympiad.
  9. Do not use autofarming methods. Instant BAN.
  10. Do not vote more than once every 12 hours, Instant BAN.
  11. Do not offend server or admin/gm's. Instant BAN.
  12. Do not post any links/advertisements ingame. Instant BAN.
  13. Use only english in shout/hv. Chat Ban 120/500 + minutes.